Sunset Parlance

Evening walks are always good for health of the body and the mind. Once in while off from our daily run, this surely gets us back and up running for the upcoming runs, eh? Have you been out at such times where you get watch the nuances of our nature?? probably the best time around to be out..

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Artist’s impression

An artist would visualize a city from the pages of history something like this, wouldn’t he? 
Actual Location: Udaipur, India 

Art by: Prisma

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Religious instance

When a camera meets something as wonderful as the architecture in a temple in India, we can simply be amazed by the results! Given that I was an ordinary citizen, I was just allowed to photograph the entry to this temple – it had to be parked for the latter time.


Location: Murudeshwar, Karnataka, India


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Sing a song..

Nature calling

When the monsoon rings in, the nature sings a song.. Filled with love in the air one can breathe a new life.. Though it might be temporary!

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