Traversing less treaded paths


Ladakh is a land of high passes, you are constantly on the edge of your seat anticipating your driver does not make any mistake while traversing through those ‘paths’. The BRO does a good job of maintaining the roads but given the extreme conditions of the place, even maintaining the two-lane / single -lane in some becomes a difficult ask! But as someone has always said that ‘Adventure begins when you leave the comfort of your home’

Location: Leh, Ladakh


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Sing a song..

Nature calling

When the monsoon rings in, the nature sings a song.. Filled with love in the air one can breathe a new life.. Though it might be temporary!

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Flowing away


Will you be mine or will flow away. Will I be able to hold time still to be with you or will you be like time, wont wait for anyone. I am proud I atleast had a moment if not for your time.

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Corbett Waterfalls


You will find this pristine and all-season waterfall just besides Jim Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand, India. Situated about 30 kms from Ramnagar, a hamlet near the park and about 60 kms from Nainital, this is a family hangout for most of the travellers in this area. Well protected by the forest officials, they would charge you around 50 Rs for Indian Nationals to enter this area and double of that if you are in a vehicle (which  of-course you would be).

Venue: Corbett falls, Near Jim Corbett Waterfalls, Uttarakhand, India

Park timings: 10.00 am to 4.30 pm

Entry fees: Rs 50 (Indian Nationals)


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