Artist’s impression

An artist would visualize a city from the pages of history something like this, wouldn’t he? 
Actual Location: Udaipur, India 

Art by: Prisma

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Religious instance

When a camera meets something as wonderful as the architecture in a temple in India, we can simply be amazed by the results! Given that I was an ordinary citizen, I was just allowed to photograph the entry to this temple – it had to be parked for the latter time.


Location: Murudeshwar, Karnataka, India


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Traversing less treaded paths


Ladakh is a land of high passes, you are constantly on the edge of your seat anticipating your driver does not make any mistake while traversing through those ‘paths’. The BRO does a good job of maintaining the roads but given the extreme conditions of the place, even maintaining the two-lane / single -lane in some becomes a difficult ask! But as someone has always said that ‘Adventure begins when you leave the comfort of your home’

Location: Leh, Ladakh


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If you travel and find, you could find a heaven here down on earth. Cities are where we live but there are places that brings us back to life.. 

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NY skyline

Million colors of nature are evident only during the golden hours – the best hours of the day! A skyline view of New York city. 

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Go Green..

@Mumbai green

The bloom in the monsoons.. Feels the best of times.. Hang on till I fill you in my mind!

Location: National Park, Mumbai, India

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