DSLR basics

Writing the first post on a new blog isn’t easy. Being in the camera or Photography world for quite some years now I can surely contribute to some of the minimal info one should carry on DSLRs. 

We all have been coming across all kinds of reports saying dslr are being taken over by mobile cameras and mirrorless. Well, to my judgement, yes there are some very goood competing cameras in the market to confuse a new buyer, however a lion always is the king of the jungle and similarly dslrs will always be the king of the photography world no matter what, they beat the best of the point shoot cameras! 

For those starting by, here is a very good infographic created by Designtaxi to aid beginners  

Basics of DSLR

Some basics of photography and DSLR will make a drastic impact on your skills and output. By the time you digest this, ‚ÄčI will sign off and prepare writing on my next article to teach you some more basics to elevate your understanding. 
Ciao, Chirag

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