Event: Google celebrates World Photography Day

First of my so called ‘public’ appearance I happened to be present at the event organised by Google in Mumbai. Google celebrated the World Photography Day today with professional photographers and photography enthusiasts from around the world at the event. A keynote session by Padamshree winner Raghu Rai, who elaborated on the how the times have changed for photographers – evolving from using 35mm traditional films to today’s digital camera’s. My favorite line in his address today was ‘If you need to punish some photographer, gift him a traditional film camera’

His best words describing a photo will be ‘A photograph has picked up a fact of life, and that fact will live forever’. Google further on displayed their best tools launched for photo enthusiasts and some features are just mind-blowing!!

Raghu Rai at the event!

Photo courtesy: http://im.tech2.in.com/gallery/2013/aug/raghu_rai_191839358787_640x360.jpg

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    1. Hi Meghana, Yes.. I was there at the event! Yep certainly it was great event, I loved some of the tools showcased by Google.


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