Full Moon at Pangong Lake

Its been a while that I had been to this pristine location in the haven of the youngest mountain range, the Himalayas and within touching distance of the highly sensitive Indo-China border. Well, I shouldnt comment on the area diplomacy but this place is certainly worth owning!

I had written about this location in one of my posts http://deliberatecaptures.wordpress.com/2012/08/22/pangong-lake-highest-salt-water-lake/ might be worth a look. I wont cover how to reach Pangong in this post but will suggest a itinerary value-add for all who are planning for a visit to this place.

I would strongly recommend people to plan an overnight stay at this place, as it is a rough terrain and a one day trip to this place is merely a waste! The landscape at this place changes every hour and you would be able to observe these only if you are planning to stay overnight at the temporary makeshift tents which are not bad than a wonderful hotel room with a toilet attached!

Pangong lake overnight stay is incomplete without the Moon being at its best – thats a Full moon or near to a Full moon. It lights up the entire landscape giving it a completely different perspective.

To plan your trip the best way, you will have to first look at the moon phases in the particular month of travel. Google to find the moon phases for a particular month and mark those on your working calendar.

Here is a wonderful site to help you get started on this: http://www.moonconnection.com/moon_phases_calendar.phtml

Every month you will get a 4-5 days window period to plan your perfect day for a stay at Pangong Lake. Experts and Enthusiasts in Photography can find out the exact moon rise and set times for the perfect snap. Tools used to get his right are:

  1. http://photoephemeris.com/ – available on iPhone, iPad, Mac, Desktop, Android and Windows
  2. http://www.photopills.com/ – available on iPhone, iPad
  3. SOL: Sun Clock by Juggleware LLC http://www.juggleware.com/iphone/sol/ – iPhone

Quick Reference facts:

Location Coords for Pangong: 33.8635, 78.5262

Leh – Pangong drive through Changla Pass: 166 kms takes about 5-6 hours with breaks

Weather at Pangong: 10-15 deg C during daytime and subzero during night with wind chills

All the best for the planning. Comment below if you need more information. Thanks.

A couple of snaps below, the one with the full moon is not the best but thats what I could manage to get on camera. Other images are stored deep in my memory.

Lucky to have a full moon at Pangong Lake..
Lucky to have a full moon at Pangong Lake..
Sun rays - Moon set - Snow peaked mountains - Cant get better ! Sunrise at Pangong Lake should not be missed..
Sun rays – Moon set – Snow peaked mountains – Cant get better ! Sunrise at Pangong Lake should not be missed..
Credit: http://www.yogeshsarkar.com/photos/albums/ladakh-2006/day5-leh-pangong-tso/34-moons-reflection.jpg


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