Monsoon Delight: Football Lily

Football Lily

Come monsoon and this little magnificent flower just blooms! Under the soil for rest of the year, the flower blooms the very day the rain gods are happy on mother earth! Such a wonderful way to invite monsoons!

Scientific Name : Haemanthus Multiflorus
 Family : Amaryllidaceae
 Colour : Red, Pink
 Common names : Foot ball lily, African Blood Lily,  Powder puff Lily
 Genus : Scadoxus

Football Lily 2


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Zigzag

Zig Zag NH1D

Re-posting a very classic old pic clicked 2 years ago.. the memories of this Zigzag are still fresh!!!

Location: On way to Ladakh from Kargil, India.. Probably I am missing the GPS coordinates here!

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Theme: Color Riot: Pretty Purple


Presenting a new theme from today trying to showcase the different colors of nature. Nature is a lovely creation and I will take this series to showcase a different color perspective with each post! Do let me know your thoughts/comments below. Thanks.

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