Flowing away


Will you be mine or will flow away. Will I be able to hold time still to be with you or will you be like time, wont wait for anyone. I am proud I atleast had a moment if not for your time.

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Monsoon Delight: Football Lily

Football Lily

Come monsoon and this little magnificent flower just blooms! Under the soil for rest of the year, the flower blooms the very day the rain gods are happy on mother earth! Such a wonderful way to invite monsoons!

Scientific Name : Haemanthus Multiflorus
 Family : Amaryllidaceae
 Colour : Red, Pink
 Common names : Foot ball lily, African Blood Lily,  Powder puff Lily
 Genus : Scadoxus

Football Lily 2


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New Hope

Sunrise at Mumbai

With a new day rises a new hope

at Sewri Flamingo Point, Mumbai, India

at 18mm 1/4000 f/4.5 ISO 2000

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