Why do we need wall art

We often think wall art in our interior designs to be the most ignored part. Many people don’t focus on providing their walls with a visual art and it’s more of an afterthought. It is decided long after all the wall paint tins are finished and all the furniture has moved in, if at all it is decided.

But if it is put out thoughtfully, a visual art can uplift your wall to a different level providing a refreshed look. Today this article does an attempt to look at why should we look at a wall art and should we look for one at all in the first place. At the end of this article, we agree that everyone has their own perspective of wall arts


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Put an art on the wall that you love. Image by anjunalane.com


Helping you decide on your wall colours

One way working the other way round to finalize on your wall colours is by choosing the wall art and match its colour accent to decide on wall colours. Nowadays, the paint shops are abundant with colour pallets and it can be confusing when you go out and want to decide on a particular colour for your walls.

The best way is to pick a wall art which you like and choose two or three shades from the art that you would like to incorporate into your decor. Choose the dominant colour and then look for colour accents that match/correspond to the colours. For extra help you can use an app like ColorSnap, to let you match colours to the corresponding shades of paint.

Creating a Focal Point

One of the most basic principles of interior designing is giving each room a focal point, or a single design that can guide the viewer’s eye into the space and give a sense on what to expect. Imagine your favorite artwork hanging over your bedroom wall or proudly mounted on the wall in the living room.

When choosing a piece of wall art it is important to take into consideration the size of the wall available. A small artwork will be overpowered by the surrounding space and a piece of artwork that is too large will look as though it is spilling over. Generally, as a thumb rule of placing art, many architects follow a 0.57 multiplier to the overall available wall space.


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Use of art to create a focal point for rest of the space Image by: Fordfire


Makes the room appear finished

Remember those white walls which are less-than-put-together you might have seen during your college apartment rentals or an apartment rented by bachelors. Highly probable that these walls and the rooms looked unfinished and walls felt rough around the edges.

Wall art gives that finishing element that can help pull together all the elements in the room and make it look complete. The key is in choosing the right piece of art of wall hanging posters that you’ve chosen for the room. After all its all about hanging a piece of art that you will love to see it hanging for years to come.


Art helps separate a finished room from a haphazard space. Image Via: Arnal Photography
Art that helps complete the room Image by Arnal Pix


The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls Pablo Picasso

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